AccelerateGTM™ (AGTM™) Framework

AGTM™ Framework (click to expand)

Welcome to the AGTM Framework for commercialization based on MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Stanford University Engineering’s Lean Canvas and Gartner’s Challenger Sales Model.

Click on the relevant circle of relevant commercialization stage to find helpful resources, templates and tips for your product-market fit and sales needs.

The AGTM™ Benefit (click to expand)

Win the race

It’s a challenge to launch a new service, product, or solution. Traction is hard. Adoption can be long. Competition is intense.

Too many companies falter in the go-to-market phase, exposing themselves to lower valuations, significant financing risks, and sub-optimal outcomes. These companies may lack product-market fit, business model fit, channel fit, customer-journey fit, localization, proof points, and customer validation. Forty percent of all failed launches are due product-market fit alone.

Then after you jump through all those hoops, further questions and dilemmas arise:

Who pays? The consumer? It’s hard to follow the money while simultaneously making your business case with the plethora of reimbursement and business models.

To create paths forward, VenAdvisory has brought you a working framework where we offer real-world, practical tools, resources, tips, and software applications for commercialization and sales.